RelTac is an innovative database application that is the quickest method known to develop technical documents in a standardized format:

Vital information is stored in a database and, when needed, it is pulled into a pre-set document template for printing.

  • RelTac is also much more. It eliminates the inefficiency of manual methods of creating and managing work instructions.
  • Document template updates can be made in mass.
  • Application of RelTac software includes a wide range of applications including:
    • Maintenance standard work procedures
    • Operator instructions
    • Health safety & environmental standards
    • Any document where consistent formatting and presentation is required.

Simple to Navigate Interface

With RelTac, you can easily navigate a hierarchy with up-to-date information from your database, then customize it with icons for quick navigation and a context menu that looks like your ERP hierarchy, your fleet details or even your corporate structure. A preview window makes browsing your equipment, locations and documents a breeze.

Fast Document Generation

Create documents in bulk with RelTac’s document generation. Build the entire hierarchy from P&ID sheets for greenfield loads to your ERP for existing locations. Extract document data from your ERP, DMS, Reliability Tools, Word documents or any data source. Then, you can generate files within your custom templates, make template changes and regenerate the documents in a matter of minutes. Choose to print or save the document in a flat or hierarchical structure. RelTac can be configured to build ERP and Document Management System load-sheets or will even take care of creating the folder hierarchy for you!

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Nobody likes repeating themselves, so why should you? Copy and paste your way to faster value. RelTac allows you to replicating as much as you want, and rename and delete what you no longer need.

  • Assets
  • Equipment
  • Construction Types
  • Failures
  • And More

Track Your Changes

Apply a real audit trail to your documents and manage continuous improvement! Track when a change was made, to what, and why. Protect your initiatives and your bottom line from the ravages of roller-coaster asset management. Capture your improvements and avoid backsliding in your profitability.


RelTacMD is a powerful database application used to easily create, organize, modify and validate computer maintenance management system (CMMS) data. When the data is ready, it is uploaded into the production environment. An effective feature of RelTacMD is that it uses reference functional locations to administer a company’s SAP governance. This enables standardized asset naming convention across the organization. It also uses a Node Status Box to visually indicate the status of data validation.

  • RelTacMD is used in building your new SAP system in your new developments.
  • Realigning an existing system with your standards both as:
    • Project
    • Sustaining process

Applying RelTac to your data will ensure that your asset data integrity is the best it can be.


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